This campus ministry  is overseen by the Elders of the Bell Avenue church of Christ in Amarillo, for the benefit of all Amarillo College students and staff regardless of their religious affiliation. Those Elders are Cled Click, Gene Mayfield and Eddie Hankins.


We also have an advisory board composed of community leaders from various area churches who are willing to serve. 


Kappa Chi activities are planned by the club itself, subject to Amarillo College regulations, with oversight from the club officers and faculty sponsor (Mural Worthey).


The academic classes taught by Mural Worthey are subject to all the rules and guidelines of Amarillo College and its accrediting association.

Our Staff

Mural Worthey, Director

Mural Worthey has been the Bible Chair Director since the summer of 2017. Mural serves as sponsor of Kappa Chi, our Christian club on campus; he teaches Bible classes at the Bible Chair and also is an instructor in the Philosophy Department of AC.   

Becky Hugg,

Becky has been secretary here at the Bible Chair since 1996.